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  • D.J. Tyrer

What Measure a Man?

As sun slowly swells, reddens

DNA is nothing more than a plaything

Take a little of this, a little of that

See what you can make

Creatures part-human, part-other things

For example, one furred and whiskered

Sensual twitching tail, inborn grace

Might ask of Earth’s end-time overlords

“What measure a man?”

Or, perhaps more apposite

Given the natural superiority of the feline form

The innate pridefulness, satisfaction

“What measure a cat?”

If it can call itself one

Take its rightful place in dignity

Of that oft-venerated race

Rather than accept a bipedal second place

In the genetic stakes of a world

Stumbling towards oblivion

🙟 About D.J. Tyrer 🙜

DJ Tyrer dwells on the northern shore of the Thames estuary, close to the world’s longest pleasure pier in the decaying seaside resort of Southend-on-Sea, and is the person behind Atlantean Publishing and editor of View From Atlantis. DJ has been published in The Rhysling Anthology 2016, Dwarf Stars 2022, Speculations II and III, Gargoylicon Lycanthropicon, and Vampiricon, and issues of Enchanted Conversation, The Horrorzine, Journ-E, Lovecraftiana, Scifaikuest, Sirens Call, Spectral Realms, Star*Line, and Tigershark. SuperTrump and A Wuhan Whodunnit are available to download from the Atlantean Publishing website.

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