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  • Ben Nardolilli

Cosmopolis Weather

Sandstorms drift through this old utopia of ours,

They blanket the gardens and fill in the pools,

Our dream of a paradise in the city seems

To be receiving a veto from our surroundings

It is a rare opportunity to act together at last,

We have to come out into the streets for now

Because we cannot drive by ourselves

Or stay in our homes as our ACs keep coughing

Many of us hate this newfound unity, not me,

I was among the first to head out when I felt

My room begin to return to the desert

We all thought had been paved over and forgotten

My origin story is no different than the others,

I came to live delicately in a fenced-off lot,

Never seeking any commune or communication,

Here in this vessel of peak Americana

But unlike the others, when I saw the orange 

Clouds of the front moving towards us,

I realized the mandate of heaven was lost forever,

Time to adapt, to dig up grass and plant cacti

The sand is no longer settling down with us, 

The wind is moving the piles towards the sea,

The sun is peeling the clouds to be seen

And I am happy, now that we can choke together

About Ben Nardolilli:

Ben Nardolilli is a theoretical MFA candidate at Long Island University. His work has appeared in Perigee Magazine, Door Is a Jar, The Delmarva Review, Red Fez, The Oklahoma Review, Quail Bell Magazine, and Slab. Follow his publishing journey at

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