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Contact and Submissions

For Submissions of Poetry or Short Stories, Feel Free To Paste Your Work In The Form. For Longer Work Queries (For Artwork or Books) or General Questions, Please Send An Email.


*Submissions Are Completely Free And We Accept Unlimited And Simultaneous Submissions. There Is No Word Limit For Any Works. Unfortunately, We Are Unable To Compensate Authors of Short Works At This Time, But Hope To Do So In The Future! We Do Pay Royalties For Full-Length Manuscripts. Please, Let Us Know If Your Work(s) Is Accepted Elsewhere. We Do Not Accept A.I. Written/Assisted Stories; We Do, However, Accept A.I. Artwork, So Long As You Own The Rights.
*Donation Assistance Will Greatly Go Towards Efforts To Pay Authors. We Are Greatly Passionate And Earnest About All Beautiful Voices From Any Walk of Life, And Would Love To Share Your Work With The World!


We greatly appreciate donations! Any amount helps. We use this to rightly pay contributors and bring you more, ever-better odd stories!

For Book Submissions

What we look for:

We want the strangest, most experimental, most fascinating and memorable manuscripts you can possibly make. Think "Alice in Wonderland", "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", "Enter The Void", "Humanifestos", And So On...

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

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