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  • Gargi Sidana

Void in Sleep

An alpha-coexisting ray drooling over the magnetic flux of the brain. The brain that links the magnitude of grief and void. The void is a vacuum or a zero state where life definitely collapses. 

Pain is a dysfunctional colon of the functional body. A body that slumbers between fantasy and reality. Reality is the pristine truth, whereas fantasy dwells in the cornea of imagination. 

Pain is an attitude of corresponding despodency and dementia. An inactive state of mind; slurping breathless night.

🙟 About Gargi Sidana 🙜

Gargi Sidana is a voracious reader and skilled writer from India. Her fervent love for writing is visible in her poems and prose. By God's grace, her poems were chosen for Red Rose publication, Spillword, Iceblink Literary Journal, Amar Ujala (twice), Manda Publication, Cosmic era etc. You can also read her writings on Instagram @gargi Sidana.

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