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  • J.R. Packard

"The Madness", A Dystopian Novel by J.R. Packard

The derelict citizens, known only as, “fishermen”, have lived poorly in the various precincts, while the leaders of the ship, under the direction of the Captain, live in a large tower surrounded by the vast stone maze. The leaders, called “the Provocateurs”, wear their theater masks and snakeskin suits so that no one may know their true identities. Who are they? They have convinced the masses that the citizens are the righteous chosen ones destined to conquer the sea and enforce ‘their’ new moral standards.

Lloyd is a young criminal who attempts to find himself amidst the oppressive regime. A criminal at first, he later decides to join the Madness’s army and destroy any ship which does not submit to their rule. Meanwhile, he progressively falls in love with his long-time friend, Savanna. What shall become of him and, most importantly, the ship that contains most of humanity?


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