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  • J.R. Packard

The Castle

Lo, the castle, one large and swath,

I’d search forever, as I doth.

Exploration, so my heart demands,

Where? Over in far and distant lands?

Yes, gentle fellowman, sir brothers,

Mine outlying castle is like no other.

‘T will neither be a home nor a house,

But a place or dimension I shall espouse.

My castle is not physical–necessarily,

Neither with length, direction, ordinarily.

‘Tis a place far removed in existence,

A child’s dream, my place of residence.

It lies in a realm where reverie blooms:

Infinitely high, with infinite rooms–

Each being odd and endless in depth,

A wonderment, astonishing in breadth.

Aye, it shall be peculiar, non-absolute–

High as Babylon; a form most convolute.

And, will it house every possible thing, 

All that could, yet not exist. Awe to bring.

Mine castle is a structure, an idea all in one.

Like a mind, my mind, whose work’s not done.

A countenance of imaginations non-accessible,

A number of windows, multitudes ineffable.

I yearn to live within my spacious head,

Place of boundless Heaven, lest I be dead.

The mote, my skull; the brain, a court too–

There, where endless dreams come true.

I shall dream dreams of so many dreams,

In my inconceivably large room so free.

A structure unutterable, always for delving,

Amazing! Oh, my unfathomably fat dwelling.

Yes, yes, one room alone, shall have a sea–

Eternal, without time, with no sailors to be.

And every impossible marvelous fish will swim;

Perhaps they’ll fly, they’ll jump, sing a hymn.

And yet another, one of rooms countless,

Shall I open to see the limitless, boundless.

To see an everywhere-place between spaces,

Within my head, with thought-pattern traces.

My castle is pure opportunity, incalculable,

Myself as king with a throne unmeasurable.

Be it in a land oh so long with many quests,

It reigns over all, for ‘tis the utmost best.

A place in-between the known and unknown–

A beautiful and elegant unimaginable home.

An embodiment of extensive, unbound fantasy.

Perhaps orderly or unfettered without anarchy.

The castle is tepid, unrestrained, un-tempered,

Fair, and just–the kingdom I’ve already entered.

Know, one can never find this secret dominion, 

For inside my head, behind my eyes, is its position.

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