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  • Jeffrey Zable


“Sometimes it’s all I can do to get out of bed

and face another day!” 


“What crap is that!” responds the cat on the mat. 


“Actually, there are times when I really wonder

how I made it this far, given my state of mind!”


“Just put my food in the bowl!” says the cat on the mat 

who’s smiling very much like the Cheshire. . .

About Jeffrey Zable:

Jeffrey Zable is a teacher, conga drummer/percussionist who plays

for dance classes and rumbas around the San Francisco Bay Area,

and a writer of poetry, flash-fiction, and non-fiction. His writing 

has appeared in hundreds of literary magazines and anthologies,

more recently in Chewers & Masticadores, The Gorko Gazette, 

Recesses Zine, Cacti Fur, The Hooghly Review, Uppagus, and many others. . .

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