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  • Nicola Kelly

Sibylline whispers

"Sibylline whispers", an art piece by, Nicola Kelly. Oil on linen, 80x60cm.

About Nicola Kelly:

Nicola Kelly is a self-taught artist from Co.Dublin, Ireland. Her ethereal style of visual storytelling has been strongly influenced by her background in contemporary dance training, which provides her with an innate understanding of form and movement. She describes painting as a cathartic process of releasing past trauma which cannot always be easily articulated or conveyed with words. Her work is a continuous exploration of the unheard inner voice which quietly inhabits a hidden part of us all. Primarily painting in oils, there's an element of delicate translucency in her work achieved using small repetitive brushstrokes gradually and thinly built up. 

Nicola’s work has been exhibited in the Signal Arts Center Bray, public architect offices (among other local venues). She was also selected as one of one hundred Irish artists asked to design a ‘What On Earth’ globe sculpture which was exhibited at CHQ buildings Dublin.

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