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  • Jeffrey Zable

Relieved To Be Back on The Road

She was cleaning the fangs of a baby

while I was trying to get some slop

into my gullywug.

I tried and tried— actually getting some

into my mouth—when the baby spit up

what was inside of it, and so I naturally

I did the same, both of us smiling

with our eyes like two peas in a rotten pod

that had known each other for an eternity.

After that, we fell to the floor and slept

until the host shook us awake:

told everyone it was time to leave,

which is exactly what we did,

one by one without saying a word,

shivering into the night,

yet relieved to be back on the road . . .

About Jeffrey Zable:

Jeffrey Zable is a teacher, conga drummer/percussionist who plays

for dance classes and rumbas around the San Francisco Bay Area,

and a writer of poetry, flash-fiction, and non-fiction. His writing 

has appeared in hundreds of literary magazines and anthologies,

more recently in Chewers & Masticadores, The Gorko Gazette, 

Recesses Zine, Cacti Fur, The Hooghly Review, Uppagus, and many others. . .

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