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  • Tara Zafft

Dance Class

First, we start with Bach. 

The teacher plays with the sound

system. Cords and wires. I lie 

on the dance floor. Sliding glass doors 

open. Sun warming my face. 

The Goldberg Variations.

Play and it is thirty years ago. I am

in N’s kitchen eating bortsch and black bread.

Drinking too-sweet black tea

from the samovar. Glen Gould was the best,

N says. We close our eyes

and listen to the man who would sit on a 




Who shunned the public. Who

erased time with his long

bony fingers.

I lie on the dance floor thirty years

later. My back sore already from

grey hardness. But I stay. Or rather I leave.  

We stand. Move joints. Next we go to breath. 

I am in


out of time.

Remember to breathe

says the teacher. All in black. Her

t-shirt like a sheet. Glen Gould continues.

About Tara Zafft:

Tara Zafft has a BA from UC San Diego and Ph.D in Russian literature from the University of

Bath, UK. She began writing poetry when she was thirteen, and only recently began submitting

her work for publication. She has poems published in the anthology, Rumors Secrets and Lies,

Poems about Abortion, Pregnancy and Choice, Write-Haus, and The San Diego Poetry Annual.

She counts Frank O’Hara, Sandra Cisneros, Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton among her greatest

poetic influences. She is interested in the big and small moments that make up our lives, in the

search for self and the inevitability of change, and what distinguishes us and what unites us as

human beings.

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