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  • Edward Palmer

A Disc of Stone

Within the box that we hold close inside-

Resides a sample of the segments that are all a-lined.

To view the ob-skew relies on a map-

A map that deciphers the moment-kept it intact. 

Forget for one moment that you are in that list-

A person a format a segment a disk-

A memory that swallowed the virus and spit-

Centered on movement and tidal and rift-

The wave that wavers on the cliff of the lost- 

Spins like revolution on the tips of far off thoughts-

we reach and we reach to find that place of peace,

a pit that has been filled and fostered in belief.

Working on that one that can lead everything home-

Lying in wait and silent as a stone.

About Edward Palmer:

Edward Palmer is a graduate of the University of Florida and is the author of two previously published poetry compilations, ‘Subconscious Still Frames.’ and ‘Extween of Between.’ Alongside his poetry, Edward also creates digital art and is a photographer. Originally from Maryland, he currently resides in Southeastern North Carolina. Edward is in the process of starting his own arts business, entitled ‘The Art of Gemini Skies, you can see more of his work at

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