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  • Valerie Valdez


Black forests cover the depths

of orbs, deep brown wells beneath

ridges that question my sanity.

It's been three lifetimes of planets

since my voice twitched your lobes.

Four spans of the universe's collapse,

since I begged your forgiveness.

Imploding once more, I implore,


five moments of tears for those years.

Black locks confirm what brown eyes deny ...

my betrayal. Deep brows and deaf ears

hear my true sorrow. Sara,

I'll come back for you.

About Valerie Valdez (in her own eloquent words):

"At my core, I’m a goat singer, the Greek name for a story-teller. Curiosity is my alter ego. Born on a US Army base in Germany, my life revolves around words. Due to autism, I didn't speak until the age of five. Two years ago, I retired to pursue writing full-time. The best decision of my life! After forty years working for the US Army, NBC, and PBS stations, and teaching theatre, film, and TV college classes, plus as an office manager for architects and engineers, I just want to write. So far, I’ve published half a dozen poems and stories in various online magazines:, Northwind Writing Award by Raw Earth Ink Books, and CultureCult Press Anthology. Recently, I completed a six-month online course in writing a musical. My topic - life of Madame Marie Tussaud, of the wax museum, during the French Revolution."

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