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  • Edward Palmer


A pattern envelops that is regulated and defined,

as the box segments and repeats and aligns.

Standing among the centers of the squares that coincide,

the heat is welcome as the grass has dried and died, due to the chill

of the weather that provides a reminder that darkness is often on our lighter side.

Making one remember of the time of the year, and

pausing things still in the center of the sphere.

There is a place that only a few know of, 

a place where you go to forget about all the snubs.

The bullies and the saints, they cannot find you here,

though they look and they search, 

there is no window when they peer.

Behind your eyes, they cannot tell you their lies,

you are the one that does not need to compromise.

Speak of your tones and dig up your buried bones, 

finding the skeletons we keep that we work to atone.

Though we look for this place where we have no disgrace,

we must remain steadfast in the current wake we make.

Do not blame yourself for past mistakes,

as they are simply solutions that we do not have the math to equate.

If you are like me, then they flip and they fold,

they bring themselves up when they are told to stay in their molds.

But I work and I try to forget about the cuts,

and they scar with time as if it's glass in your foot.

The glass hurts, but pluck it, and the cut shall heal. 

If you care for the wound, and do not succumb to the feel…

for the moments we hang in the balance of fear,

we are lost in the moments where reality does appear.

For real vision does not come often if you keep your eyes shut,

as progression seals with meditation and the essence of clear thought.

mouths lead to vision, and sometimes they stymie…

for those who are soft spoken do not speak words lightly.

About Edward Palmer:

Edward Palmer is a graduate of the University of Florida and is the author of two previously published poetry compilations, ‘Subconscious Still Frames.’ and ‘Extween of Between.’ Alongside his poetry, Edward also creates digital art and is a photographer. Originally from Maryland, he currently resides in Southeastern North Carolina. Edward is in the process of starting his own arts business, entitled ‘The Art of Gemini Skies, you can see more of his work at

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